Cliff Anglewicz Yes Equipment Owner

May 30, 2019

Yes Equipment Sells 70 Hyundai Machines in 2 Years – Dealer Testimonial

Yes Equipment in Wisconsin took on the Hyundai line of wheel loaders, excavators and mini excavators, in 2017.  “Adding Hyundai in 2017 really propelled us up to the next level of our dealership in the Milwaukee and Madison metropolitan area. We have delivered close to 70 units into the southern Wisconsin market area,” says Cliff […]

Walter Morton Operator Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Service

April 30, 2019

Grove River Machinery – Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Service, Customer Testimonial

Grove River Machinery in Richmond Hill, GA has been a Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer for a little over 10 years. While sales, service, and parts are their main focus, catering to their customers is their main goal. The Hyundai team visited with Grove River Machinery’s customer Walter Morton, of Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Service, where Walter […]

Renee Clark Kieler Farms

April 29, 2019

Renee Clark, Kieler Farms: Dairy Farm Supermom, Hyundai Construction Equipment Customer Testimonial

Renee Clark of Kieler Farms in Plateville, WI is a mom of three kids,  marathon runner, and operates a HL940XT wheel loader everyday on their dairy farm to feed the milking cows. If you looked up “Supermom” in the dictionary, you might find her name. “My day starts just after 3:00 a.m. It starts that […]

Crosby Macon Dealership Sign-HL940 Hyundai Wheel Loader

March 11, 2019

Crosby Equipment, Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer in Georgia Testimonial

Jerome Crosby, Owner, and David Crockett, General Manager of Crosby Equipment, Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer in middle and south Georgia, explain what they like about selling Hyundai in an interview with the Hyundai marketing team. “Our primary customers are smaller family oriented businesses and farms… people that we work around and go to church with. […]

Chappell Tractor Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer

March 8, 2019

Chappell Tractor’s Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer Testimonial

Corey Chappell, Owner, and Flip Henry, General Manager of Chappell Tractor, a Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer in Milford, Concord, and Brentwood NH, explain how they got started in the snow removal/heavy equipment business, and why they chose Hyundai. “We’ve often said in the past if we could just strip the color and decals off all […]

HL955 Hyundai Loader Trimmers Landscaping Snow Removal

March 8, 2019

Eric Skinner, Trimmer’s Landscaping, a Hyundai Construction Equipment Customer Testimonial

Hear directly from Eric Skinner, owner of Trimmer’s Landscaping, Londonderry, NH, on why he chose Hyundai Construction Equipment for commercial snow removal. “Trimmers Landscaping has been been incorporated for twenty years. We’d had some past experience with Hyundai in excavators and a very positive experience. We’ve selected our latest loaders, a HL955 Hyundai Tool Master, […]

Josh Alexander Cattle and Farms Hyundai Customer Testimonial

February 6, 2019

Josh Alexander, Alexander Cattle and Farms Hyundai Construction Customer Testimonial

Alexander Cattle and Farms works their HL740-9A XTD and HL757 wheel loaders plus 210LC-7 excavator 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Hear Josh Alexander talk about the reliability, price point, and service that he loves about his Hyundai equipment.  Don’t have time to watch the video? Read the video script below: “My […]

Keith Petersen Rueters Quote On Deedlot

February 6, 2019

Keith Petersen, GM at Rueter’s Equipment, Hyundai Dealer Testimonial

“I’m Keith Petersen. I’m General Manager at Rueter’s. I’ve been here about 14 years. Rueter’s has been in business since 1951. Cecil Rueter started the business back then and was a Massey/Ferguson dealership. We’ve grown since then. We have seven dealerships located in Iowa and Nebraska. The Rueter’s company is a family-owned business and one […]

January 30, 2019

Dan Pedersen, North Ridge Feedlot, Underwood, Iowa, Hyundai Construction Equipment Testimonial

“We leased a Hyundai wheel loader to start over here because we had one in our other feedlot we had been running since I got out of high school. We purchased a Hyundai loader over there 12 to 14 years ago that we loved. We load feed in the morning and at night and use […]

January 17, 2019

Mike Peavy & Frank Vozzolo at Cherokee Brick, Hyundai Wheel Loader Testimonial

“I’m Mike Peavy, President of Brick and Tile Company. I’ve been with the company since 1990. We make around a hundred 185 million brick year here in Macon, Georgia. Probably six years ago, we were trying to decide, you know we had all these different companies trying to sell of loaders, and we run about […]

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