Keith Petersen Rueters Quote On Deedlot

February 6, 2019

Keith Petersen, GM at Rueter’s Equipment, Hyundai Dealer Testimonial

“I’m Keith Petersen. I’m General Manager at Rueter’s. I’ve been here about 14 years. Rueter’s has been in business since 1951. Cecil Rueter started the business back then and was a Massey/Ferguson dealership. We’ve grown since then. We have seven dealerships located in Iowa and Nebraska. The Rueter’s company is a family-owned business and one […]

January 30, 2019

Dan Pedersen, North Ridge Feedlot, Underwood, Iowa, Hyundai Construction Equipment Testimonial

“We leased a Hyundai wheel loader to start over here because we had one in our other feedlot we had been running since I got out of high school. We purchased a Hyundai loader over there 12 to 14 years ago that we loved. We load feed in the morning and at night and use […]

January 17, 2019

Mike Peavy & Frank Vozzolo at Cherokee Brick, Hyundai Wheel Loader Testimonial

“I’m Mike Peavy, President of Brick and Tile Company. I’ve been with the company since 1990. We make around a hundred 185 million brick year here in Macon, Georgia. Probably six years ago, we were trying to decide, you know we had all these different companies trying to sell of loaders, and we run about […]

Ryan Potts Tim Foote Cattle Cover Slide

October 19, 2018

Ryan Potts, Manager of Foote & Rogers Cattle

“My name’s Ryan Potts, I’m the Manager here at Foote and Rogers Cattle. Tim Foote and Charlie Rogers bought this place back in early July, and we come in here and did a lot of maintenance work, and now we’re trying to get this thing filled up with cattle to run on wheat pasture and […]

Steve Reeves Owner of R&S Industries Hyundai Dealer Testimonial

October 15, 2018

Steve Reeve’s, Owner of R&S Industries, Clovis, New Mexico Hyundai Dealer

“You know there’s not a lot of cons about Hyundai equipment ..they have a lot of pros about them. You know they offer a scale systems in their loaders, they offer would be one of the biggest warranties also in the market. They got more comfortable cabs, they are quieter machines… you know, and then […]

Jay Bowers Construction HX220L Excavator Demo Testimonial

October 15, 2018

Jay Bowers Construction

Jay Bowers, Owner of Jay Bowers Construction, demos a HX220L R&S Industries Inc. Listen as Jay shares his thoughts on this 51,500 lb large crawler excavator, and why he likes being a Hyundai Construction customer of R&S Industries, our equipment dealer in Clovis, New Mexico. “The HX220L doesn’t have the front end weight other machines […]

West Texas Dairy Hyundai Loader Operator Quote

October 14, 2018

West Texas Dairy Farm Wheel Loader Operator

Federico, an Operator at a Friona, West Texas Dairy Farm Customer of R& S Industries explains, what sets the Hyundai HL960 Wheel Loader apart from competitor machines. “My name is Federico and I have been working here for a while and I enjoy it a lot. I do a lot around here. I fed the […]

Tim Vanderpoole Construction

September 11, 2018

Toby Vanderpool, President & Owner of Vanderpool Construction

Vanderpool Construction is a Hyundai Construction equipment customer of our valued north central USA dealer, Rueter’s Equipment, and they own a HL955 Hyundai Wheel Loader. Vanderpool’s commercial and residential excavation business in Indianola, Iowa specializes in site development, underground utility work and property demolition, as well as land improvement. Listen to Toby Vanderpool, President and […]

Byron Jones Gulf South Pole and Timber Owner

September 9, 2018

Byron Jones, Owner of Gulf South Pole & Timber

For Bryon Jones, Owner of Gulf South Pole and Timber, a telephone pole manufacturer in Macon, GA, the Hyundai Warranty was one of the biggest deciding factors in the purchase two Hyundai wheel loaders. “We have two 970 Hyundai Wheel Loaders that we rely heavily on on doing all the unloading and loading of the […]

Keith Newton, Newton Development

August 17, 2018

Keith Newton, Newton Development

“My name is Keith Newton, my wife and I own Newton Development. We’ve been in the business since 1999. We primarily just develop in Houston County, middle Georgia. We do residential subdivision development and we work on our own land, buy tracts of land… and we do everything from the clearing and the grading to […]

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