Chappell Tractor’s Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer Testimonial

Chappell Tractor Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer

March 8, 2019

Corey Chappell, Owner, and Flip Henry, General Manager of Chappell Tractor, a Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer in Milford, Concord, and Brentwood NH, explain how they got started in the snow removal/heavy equipment business, and why they chose Hyundai.

“We’ve often said in the past if we could just strip the color and decals off all these machines and put people in them and let them try them, that Hyundai would probably be one of the top pieces of equipment they would choose. I think as a dealership, our challenge is to get people to try the equipment. Once you get them in a Hyundai machine and they operate it, they see the creature comforts and what Hyundai is offering as standard equipment, and it does give us an edge over the competition… and people can see that these machines offer a lot to the customer,” said Corey Chappell.


Chappell Tractor Snow Removal Loaders

Chappell Tractor, Milford, NH, Hyundai HL940TM Loader

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