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Hyundai Launches A Series Wheel Loaders, Introduces Smaller HL930A, Adds CVT to HL975 Model At ConExpo-Con/Agg

Hyundai Launches A Series Wheel Loaders, Introduces Smaller HL930A, Adds CVT to HL975 Model At ConExpo-Con/Agg

March 25, 2020 | Product News

NORCROSS, GA (March 24, 2020) – At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas introduced two new wheel loader models, the HL930A and HL975CVT, as part of the new A Series that feature Cummins Performance Series engines.

A Series a result of Hyundai, Cummins collaboration

The new A Series wheel loaders reflect the benefits of Hyundai’s collaboration with Cummins. For example, they include Engine-Connected Diagnostics (ECD) that service technicians can use to remotely diagnose and report on engine problems, and help assure the proper approach to resolving the problems.

An important feature of the A Series machines is the use of Cummins Performance Series engines that comply with the international Stage 5 emissions-control standard. Combined with the engineering and product design expertise of Hyundai, these engines will deliver substantial performance gains from a smaller, lighter power package. Customers will experience more than a 10-percent increase in power and a nearly 20-percent increase in torque compared to previous engines, all while using less fuel.

The Cummins Performance Series engines integrate the newest after treatment system – the Single Module™ – with leading combustion and air-handling technology to be Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)-free. These engines offer a simpler installation with lower installed costs.

HL930A Wheel Loader -Well Suited For Utility and General Construction

The new Hyundai HL930A wheel loader is sized to meet the needs of utility and general construction contractors. The HL930A XT model has an operating weight of 25,135 lb (11,400 kg), and a standard bucket capacity of 2.5 yd3 (1.9 m3). It achieves 130 net hp (97 kW) at 2,200 rpm through a Cummins B4.5 Performance Series diesel engine equipped with certified Stage 5 emissions control.

“The new HL930A model rounds out our wheel loader product line with a machine that will find a variety of applications in utility work and general construction,” said Stan Park, Vice President of Distribution and Marketing, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “The continuing strength of the housing market is contributing to the demand for machines in this size category. Like other HL series wheel loaders, the HL930A offers contractors a combination of performance, convenience, serviceability, and safety that will make it a popular choice.”

Park added, “Hyundai performance is built on innovation, world-class engineering and manufacturing, and components and systems sourced from trusted global suppliers.”

A Series wheel loaders offer productivity enhancements

Hyundai A Series wheel loaders include a newly enhanced on-board weighing system. This standard feature now offers improved precision and weight calibration capabilities. The automatic/manual cumulative weighing function greatly enhances operating efficiency. Icons display weighing limits, and the two-color weight value indicator on the monitor supports accurate weighing for enhanced production management.

Another new productivity feature of the Hyundai A Series wheel loaders, Eco Report, analyses the wheel loader’s operation status based on operator performance, enabling the operator to use the analysis to adjust behaviors to achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

Smart Power Mode, another new feature, reduces fuel consumption by adjusting the engine speed in heavy-duty applications such as digging. This capability not only saves fuel while delivering full Power Mode performance, it also balances traction force with breakout force for enhanced productivity.

A Series enhances operator safety and comfort

Hyundai A Series wheel loaders incorporate the use of radar to detect rear obstacles – day or night, and without blind spots. The radar also reports on the status – moving or stationary – of the nearest obstacle. Radar is a feature of the new Hyundai Hi DETECT system, which represents the evolution of the Hyundai All-Around View Monitoring and Intelligent Moving-Object Detection systems (AAVM/IMOD) that have been available on Hyundai wheel loaders since 2015.

The A Series wheel loaders include a new Emergency Stop switch located at the bottom of the operator’s seat. This is a safety feature that will shut down the engine at any time the operator determines it to be necessary.

Hyundai has reduced to just 68 dB in-cabin noise levels for improved operator comfort and concentration. Another new feature, the Remote-Control Door option, enables the operator to remotely open the cabin door for improved safety and convenience.

HL975A CVT features continuously variable transmission

The Hyundai HL975A CVT is an updated A Series version of the HL975 wheel loader with a continuously variable transmission from ZF, a global leader in transmission technology.

HL975A CVT Aggregates

The ZF cPOWER continuously variable transmission delivers improved fuel consumption of up to 25 percent without any sacrifice in performance or power. The cPOWER is continuously variable over the complete drive range, both forward and reverse. It provides smooth, hydraulic starts through its continuously variable power-split technology. And because there is no mechanical connection between engine and driveline, the transmission is resistant to wear from heavy loads.

Remote-control system enables wheel loader to work in hazardous conditions

A Hyundai HL960A wheel loader – an A Series upgrade of the HL960 model – demonstrates a prototype remote-control system, enabling the machine to be operated from any appropriately technology-enabled remote site. At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 the machine was operated near Augusta, GA at Full Circle Aggregates by remote control from the Hyundai booth in Las Vegas, Nevada.

HL960 Remote Control Operation


Hyundai expects the remote-control wheel loader to find use in severe or hazardous-duty applications, where a human operator could be exposed to danger.

HL960A Wheel Loader

The HL960A has an operating weight of 42,330 lb (19,200 kg), a standard bucket capacity of 4.3 yd3 (3.3 m3), and achieves 222 net hp (166 net kW) through a Cummins B6.7 Performance Series diesel engine equipped with certified Stage 5 emissions control.

Contact your local Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer for more information on how to order Hyundai’s new A Series Wheel Loaders. Search by zip code on our website to find a dealer near you.

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