Parts Sales and Marketing Represenative

Primary Duties:
The purpose of the position of Parts Marketing and Sales is to promote all aspects of the Parts Operation at Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas through all venues available and to always represent the company and the department professionally.

1) Parts Marketing
– To increase parts sales and sell long-term unsold parts, we plan and implement a promotion
program based on market research or dealer requests.
– Create departmental marketing program and distribute marketing materials through websites, print sources, bulletins, industry print and electronic sources, and all other available media. Assist dealers in creating marketing resources for dealer Parts operations.
– It plays a role of encouraging dealers to continue to promote and participate so that the promotion can proceed properly.
– Support the work so that the HCEA parts price can become a competitive price by continuously researching and providing feedback on the parts market price to stimulate sales.
2) Dealer Training
– Train dealer personnel in marketing, sales, and also in all areas of communication with the Parts operation. This may include system operations, contact with the Customer Service Team, promotions, programs, forecasting, and any other function relating the dealer Parts operation to Hyundai Parts.
– Training materials are created and distributed to dealers on the contents (Dealer Portal, Important of Genuine Parts and etc.) necessary to do parts business with HCEA
3) Dealer Management
– Assist in growth of Dealer and Departmental sales; monitor and evaluate process, quarterly, or as necessary.
– Perform new dealer visits to provide training in departmental relations and operations and to introduce marketing strategies, programs and parts sales goals.
– Perform existing dealer visits to provide training and updates in departmental relations and operations, introducing new marketing strategy for programs and parts sales goals.
– Represent Parts department at events and industry trade shows, as deemed necessary.
– Organize and promote annual Parts Manager’s meeting, for dealer personnel in Norcross; including presentation materials, presenter, topics, meetings, meals, lodging, etc.
4) Parts Sales Team Management
– As a Parts Sales & CSR Team leader, manage and support CSR work properly.

Requires understanding of company policies and procedures and all work must be conducted in accordance with company standards and policies.
Efforts are required to continuously develop one’s work skills.
Select the right parts and proceed and manage the order quantity and price accurately without errors.
Must continuously produce relevant manuals for the tasks in charge of.
Any problems found should be reported immediately.
Actively cooperate with requests for assistance from another subsidiary and HQ.
Requires a strong working understanding of systems and resources used in departmental operations and the ability to see through daily work situations and determine what resources are necessary to resolve them in an efficient and appropriate manner.
Works in close unison with and full cooperation with the Departmental Manager in all circumstances and provides a unified leadership with the Departmental Manager for the department.

Other duties:
This position will provide feedback from dealer visits to the Department to improve relations and enhance marketing efforts by the Department.
This position will be involved in dealer ratings, parts sales goals, development, and compliance.
This position will also provide liaison with the Marketing Department and coordinate all efforts within the overall marketing strategy of the Company.
The position will include interaction and training of the CSRs on programs and dealer performance to goal for sales and other performance ratings.
An intimate knowledge of all phases and components of the parts Operation is required as well as being continually aware of any changes to operations, policies, procedures, or processes.

Work environment and other requirements:
It is anticipated that a minimum of 50% of time will be travel time.

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