Reliable. Hard-Working. High-Quality.
Our Vision: To be a global leader in construction equipment, to help build a better future for all.

After World War II, Hyundai started business as a general contractor to take an active role in helping to develop and industrialize Korea. No one could have imagined what opportunities this would bring. Hyundai is now a $90 billion-per-year conglomerate that continues to grow.

In 1989, Hyundai introduced Hyundai Construction Equipment in North America with its first two excavators. Two years later, Hyundai Construction Equipment USA (HCE) was formed, expanding Hyundai’s reach within the industry. Backed by a corporation with years of experience and technology, we have since significantly expanded our product line.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas now includes both North and South America and offers an extensive line of construction equipment and material handlers. We are a part of Hyundai’s global network of Construction Equipment Division subsidiaries found on every continent.

Our philosophy is to offer high-quality products and customer service, with dependable support. Hyundai heavily invests in R&D and building state-of-the-art production facilities to assure continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. As we strive for even greater success, we look toward our customers’ goals to provide solutions to their equipment needs.