Remote Monitoring System- Access Your Hyundai Machine. Any Time, From Anywhere.

Hi-Mate is Hyundai’s proprietary remote management system that gives you access from anywhere to vital service and diagnostic information for any Hyundai machine. It is a GPS-based technology that allows you to track, trace and monitor your Hyundai machines – any time in any location.

Service personnel can use the Hi-Mate online portal to get the data they need to keep the machines running smoothly. The system saves time and money for the owner by promoting greater preventive maintenance to reduce machine downtime.

Through GPS and GSI (Geographic Information Systems) technologies, users can pinpoint the exact location of any Hyundai equipment and retrieve data from the machine. The input is analyzed and used to feed the Hi-Mate online application through which users can access the system.

Users get information to help them visualize the unit’s location and check performance indicators like fuel consumption, coolant temperature, pump pressure and more. They can also make an online diagnosis – and even shut down a machine in case of theft.

Owners can check operator driving habits as well as the unit’s maintenance status. This can limit downtime and cut maintenance costs by synchronizing spare parts stock with logistics management.

Hi-Mate helps service engineers to fight malfunctions in the

• Hydraulic system
• Engine
• Electric system

To save you time and money, Hi-Mate is a true game changer.
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